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Are you looking for an awesome theme for your next party? Take your theme party to a whole new level and bring your guests to Mæxico! At Mæxico we love tropical drinks and fresh tacos enjoyed in a down to earth but festive atmosphere! But most of all, we love to enjoy it all in your company. For that reason, we consider it our most important task to bring the whole shabang when we cater or host your event.


No matter if you are throwing your themed party at home, at another venue, if you only need the food or goes for the full package - we will find a solution that suits you and your fiesta perfectly.


Tell me more about Private Dining options


The origin of the Mexican food you will find today is said to be a mixture of food from Spain, brought to Mexico during the Spanish colonization, and native ingredients and techniques dating back thousands of years b.c. From tacos, to mole, to quesadillas, to ceviche - Mexican food is super diverse in both ingredients, looks and flavours.


The cornerstones of ingredients in the traditional Mexican kitchen are corn, beans and chilies. But avocado, tomato, cilantro and lime are also to be found in most Mexican dishes. No matter if you like it spicy, fresh or greasy - you’ll find it! Rest assured, when munching on Mexican food you are guaranteed umph flavor, colors and that your heart and stomach will be fully satisfied.

Read more about Mexican Food here.

At Mæxico we love tacos in all its shapes and sizes  - folded, not folded, big, small, made on wheat or corn. We say: you can never really go wrong when it comes to tacos. At Mæxico we have dedicated our love to the soft small taco made of 100% corn flour. We think that this type of tacos are perfect both as a snack, starter, main, breakfast, lunch, dinner - you name the time and place we say tacos / in our view, every moment and meal is a perfect opportunity for tacos.


Tacos are finger foods when it's best, so remember: when it comes to eating tacos we recommend using your bare hands! We serve tacos both in the restaurant and as a takeaway. Read more about our tacos here


Burritos are the heavy bandits on our menu. Traditionally, burritos were just a wheat tortilla rolled with meat and beans. Today, burritos come in a myriad of varieties and sizes both when looking towards tex mex and Mexican cuisine.


Our burritos are inspired by The Mission District in San Francisco and they are filled with loads of fresh and homemade deliciousness that combine the fatty, salty, spicy and fresh, together in a heavenly mouthful.

It's a meal your heart desires and your hungry stomach will thank you for. We serve burritos in the restaurant and as a takeaway. Read more about burritos here.

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